Delaware Poultry Club
Delaware Evaluations

Thanks to Walt Leonard, licensed APA judge, for doing our evaluations.

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Rooster #1:

Good body, good color tail a bit too long in the sickle feathers. Overall a very good bird.
Rooster #2:

Good head, neck and body. Hard to tell if the tail is slightly pinched.
Hen #1:

Good head, neck and body. Tail is pinched.
Rooster #3:

Great body, head and neck. Tail is pinched and too high.
Rooster #4:

The body is too short and too narrow. This male has a shallow underline, but good head and good color. legs are very well spaced even though the bird is narrow. Suggest they find a wider deeper male to use for breeding.
Hen #2

This bird needs a deeper front end. You can see the bowl shape at the rear of the bird, but not in the lower part of the front end. It has a narrow body, pinched tail from the side view, but good back line. length of back is good and the color is good, so is the head and the leg spacing. Needs a much wider bird to produce birds that show improvement